Completely Automated
Fully Customizable E-Mini Scalping System

Generate Consistent Income Scalping

Strategy Performance

Performance data from Jan 1st 2010 - December 1st 2014

Results are based on 3 contracts and include $4 round turn per contract for commissions and fees

Strategy enters an initial trade of 1 contract and scales in additional 1 contract at a time for a maximum of 3 contracts

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Aggressive 1 Minute Bars
Total Net $
Average Total Net Per Year $
Profit factor
Net Average Trade Per Contract $
Total Number of Trades
Average Number of Trades Per Month
Average Number of Trades Per Day
% Winners
Max Drawdown $
Balanced 1 Minute Bars
Total Net $
Average Total Net Per Year $
Profit factor
Net Average Trade Per Contract $
Total Number of Trades
Average Number of Trades Per Month
Average Number of Trades Per Day
% Winners
Max Drawdown $
5 Minute Bars
Total Net $
Average Total Net Per Year $
Profit factor
Net Average Trade Per Contract $
Total Number of Trades
Average Number of Trades Per Month
Average Number of Trades Per Day
% Winners
Max Drawdown $


Get a better understanding of ScalpingEmini by watching the videos below

Understanding The Settings

Learn how to customize this amazing strategy by changing the inputs, and adjust how the strategy behaves. Learn how to back-test your settings. A trading Laboratory at your fingerprints.

Slip On Exit

Very important input that the system has, by turning on Slip-on-Exit, you're telling the strategy to exit worse, therefore making sure the trade will exit before the strategy says to exit. The video shows the effect of this setting and how to use it properly.

How To Read A Tradestation Performance Report

In this video, you will learn how to read and understand your Tradestation performance report.

Understanding Slippage

In this video, you will learn how the strategy deals with slippage.

What Setting Should You Use?

In this video, George answers a common question: what setting should I use?


How does it work?

Completely Automated

Scalping Emini automates your trading experience and allows you to sit back and watch the system generate consistent income.

Fully Customizable

Infinite amount of ways to customize the strategy. The sky is the limit on how/what you want to customize. We'll show you 3 settings (Conservative, Aggressive, and Super Aggressive), but you'll decide if you want to use our settings, or configure a unique one more suitable to your needs.

Minute Bars

To reduce slippage this strategy is developed using minute bars, instead of Momentum and Range bars. Minute bars allow you more control, and cuts down on risk.


Annual Subscription

+ $520 one time setup fee
  • Price reflects 3 contracts additional contracts are $1500 each
  • Completely Automated
  • Profit Factor = 1.5 - 4.5 (depending on the setting you choose)
  • Last 3 months the system has generated over $15k
  • Settings based on trading for only 3h. 50min. per day
  • Based on 3 contracts
  • Since 2010 the aggressive setting has generated almost $200k
  • Fully Customizable - Please note that this system can be customized in an infinite amount of ways
  • The super-aggressive setting was able to generate over $20k per month (over $1.3 million in 4 years)
  • System uses minute bars instead of momentum and range bars, to reduce slippage
  • The net average per trade, per contract, is over $21/aggressive setting and over $32/conservative

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum/maximum amount of contracts I need?

Minimum = 3, Maximum = N/A

Is it really automated?

Yes, the system is completely automated. The system will do what it was programmed to do: Successfully Scalp the Emini

Why does the system use Minute bars?

To reduce slippage and maximize profits the system uses Minute bars instead of Momentum or Rage bars.

How customizable is the strategy?

Infinite. The system can be made to fit your exact trading strategy, we have preset settings that we'll show you, but you can do a lot of neat things with it!

What's the strategy based on?

The essence of the strategy looks for a short term trend, it measures the strength, waits for retracement, and enters the trade in the direction of the trend.

What Are You Waiting For?

Our dedicated team is standing by, ready to help you

After watching the videos and reading you'll agree with us that ScalpingEmini is truly a Revolutionary System which will make waves throughout the ES trading community. This amazing system allows you to customize the settings to fit your exact trading methodology, and auto trade successfully. Think of it as your own trading laboratory, you have complete control in every aspect of the system.